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CODESYS Static Analsis is an integrated tool for checking the source code on the basis of defined rules.

CODESYS Static Analyis is part of the tool bundle CODESYS Professional Developer Edition.

By ordering a free trial license (request via shopping cart) it is possible to test the product for 30 days.

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With the tool CODESYS Static Analysis it is possible to check the source code based on pre-defined rules and naming conventions in addition to the compiler code check. Additional information on potential development problems is revealed and errors are detected and eliminated before the application will be tested in the field. A lot of time can be saved during the development of applications for debugging.

In CODESYS Static Analysis more than 100 pre-defined rules are implemented, where some of them are configurable. It is possible to combine these rules to individual sets of rules. The functions of the tool are completely integrated into the CODESYS Development System.


Programming System

CODESYS Development System V3.5.19.30 or higher

Runtime System


Supported Platforms/ Devices


Additional Requirements

Subscription of the CODESYS Professional Developer Edition.


64 bit support with version and higher


see CODESYS Professional Developer Edition

Required accessories

Optional: CODESYS Key

Detailed compatibility information


Programming System - newest - - - - 3.5.15.x - 3.5.15.x - 3.5.15.x - 3.5.15.x - 3.5.15.x - 3.5.15.x - 3.5.15.x


No Support

Technical support is not included with this product. To obtain technical support, please purchase a CODESYS Support Ticket.


For general error messages or pre-sales inquiries, please use the "My Question" contact form directly, which can also be used without logging in. A list of alternative support resources can be found in the support section of the CODESYS Group website.


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