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CODESYS SoftMotion is an additional option for CODESYS compatible SoftPLC systems. CODESYS SoftMotion extends the functional scope of these systems from a purely logical controller to a motion controller, optionally also with CNC and robotics support.

Product Description

CODESYS SoftMotion enables

  • the control of single-axis and synchronized multi-axis movements (electronic cams, electronic gears), and

  • the control of coordinated, spatial CNC and robotic motion

on qualified CODESYS compatible SoftPLC systems.

CODESYS SoftMotion Light allows to command CiA 402 compatible drives for single axis movements (not synchronized).

Functional principle:

  • Project engineering of motion using function library modules

  • Configuration of drives with fieldbus support integrated in the CODESYS Development System

  • Parameterization of axis groups for predefined kinematics in a separate object

  • Decoupling of application creation from the applied hardware by abstracting the drives with drive group names in the device tree

  • Motion planning with cam editor

  • Integrated motion planning:
    • with 3D CNC editor according to DIN 66025 (G code) and tabular editor

    • with coordinate values for robot positions in different coordinate systems

  • Processing of CNC motion, robotic motion, or other motion tasks in the runtime system on the controller with the IEC 61131-3 logic application

  • Online editing of CNC programs in CODESYS Visualization

Typical applications of CODESYS SoftMotion:

  • As an additional option for powerful, CODESYS compatible control systems with good real-time behavior (FPU recommended)

  • Actuation of single-axis and multi-axis movements, for example with position and velocity definitions, drive functions, or phase actuation

  • Implementation of electronic cams

  • CNC motion with modifications by the end user (for example, in metal and woodworking machines)

  • Robotic systems including SCARA, tripod, and palletizing robots such as in assembly and loading automation

A note on SoftMotion Light: In contrast to SoftMotion and SoftMotion CNC+Robotics, the calculation of the axis movements is not done within the controller. With SoftMotion Light movements of the drive are just commanded and supervised (status) by the PLC and executed by the drive. The trajectory calculation is done in the drive.

SoftMotion Light is suitable for applications with multiple axes for single axes movements and for controller tasks requiring a low bus and computing load (CPU).


Programming System

CODESYS Development System V3.5.11.0 or higher

Runtime System

CODESYS Control Version or higher

Supported Platforms/ Devices

All supported by CODESYS:
  • Real-time capable operating system platforms

  • CPU platforms with available FPU (Floating Point Unit)

  • Devices with integrated fieldbus (EtherCAT, CAN/CANopen, or Sercos)

Note: Use the project “Device Reader” to find out the supported features of your device. “Device Reader” is available for free in the CODESYS Store.

Additional Requirements

WIBU Codemeter Support

SoftMotion CNC+Robotics requires CODESYS SoftMotion as a basis license.

SoftMotion Light works with CiA 402 compatible drives with

CANopen or EtherCAT Compatibility can be checked with the test project SML_CompatibilityCheck_DS402.project




License activation optional on CODESYS Key or Soft Key (Soft Key: free of charge component of CODESYS Controls)

Required Accessories

Optional: CODESYS Key


Technical support is not included with this product. To get technical support please purchase a Support Ticket.

A list of alternative support resources can be found at the support section of the CODESYS Group web page.


CODESYS Corporation
A member of the CODESYS Group

900 Cummings Center, Suite 403-T
Beverly, MA 01915, USA

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Version History

Version Release Notes
Release Date

Release Note

CODESYS SoftMotion brings important bug fixes and support for more drives.

Major bug-fixes

  • [SM-2501] Kin_Tripod_Rotary, SMC_TRAFO_Tripod_Arm, and SMC_TRAFOF_Tripod_Arm: MCS not documented properly

  • [SM-2584] CP, Halt/Stop: Vel, Acc and JerkFactor are applied twice

  • [SM-2605] MC_Moverelative that finishes in one cycle may output wrong target position

  • [SM-2615] MC_Home: possibly wrong fSetPosition after homing if a 32-bit overflow has occurred

  • [SM-2618] SMC_GroupJog2: Algorithm for finding the working space limits does not work correctly

  • [SM-2631] SMC3_CiA_DSP402_StateMachine: State machine may get stuck if SET_OPMODE times out

12 minor Bugs have been fixed.

Supported drives

  • [SM-2633] New driver for Delta remote IO - R1-EC5621

  • [SM-2417] New driver for Beckhoff EL7041 and EL7047

Compatibility Information


This version is compatible with CODESYS V3.5 SP11 and newer. However we recommend the newest patch level of CODESYS V3.5 SP16.

The use of the operator __CHECKLICENSEBIT() (necessary for SM-2571) made it necessary to require at least version of CODESYS. As a consequence, the minimum supported CODESYS version has been increased from to

Known Limitations

  • [SM-2314] MC_GroupStop/MC_GroupHalt, CP: immediate braking with given dynamic limits MC_GroupHalt of CP movements cannot be aborted. A subsequent movement is always treated as buffered.

  • [SM-1901] ETC Drives using modular slaves not working with CODESYS SP13 and SP14 if SlotIndexIncrement is not 0. The mapping of drive objects in the Scaling/Mapping page of SoftMotion drives is computed incorrectly for some EtherCAT slaves and CODESYS versions. This happens if (and only if) all of the following conditions are met:

  • The slave is a multi axis slave, and

  • the slave uses modules, and

  • the attribute SlotIndexIncrement (in the ESI file) of the axis modules is not 0, and

  • the CODESYS version is below

Not released / Not tested

  • Device Application Support. The usage of axis groups in child applications is not supported. See SM-847. Not released



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