An additional option for CODESYS runtime systems to publish variables via the OPC UA protocol. For advanced use cases the linkage of an information model to the PLC application is possible.

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The OPC UA Server exposes specified variables of a CODESYS project to the OPC UA address space. Clients can read, write and monitor the values of the PLC. Custom information models can be easily imported and linked to the PLC application. This also enables the execution of PLC methods by clients.

Also see [CODESYS Online Help](

Certified compliance

OPC Foundation Certified for Compliance logo is a trademark of the OPC Foundation and may be used only by written permission of the OPC Foundation. Any unauthorized use of the Certified for Compliance logo is prohibited.

OPC Foundation Certified for Compliance logo indicates that this product has been tested by an independent certification lab and certified to be compliant with the following OPC UA Profiles which are part of the OPC UA Specifications:

  • Micro Embedded Device 2017 Server Profile

  • Method Server Facet

  • SecurityPolicy [B] – Basic256Sha256

  • SecurityPolicy [A] - Aes128-Sha256-RsaOaep

  • SecurityPolicy - Aes256-Sha256-RsaPss

  • User Token – Anonymous Server Facet

  • User Token - User Name Password Server Facet

Supported features

The OPC UA Server supports the following features:

  • Browsing of data types and variables

  • Standard read/write services

  • Notification for value changes (subscription and monitored item services)

  • No restriction in the number of sessions, monitored items, and subscriptions (the number depends on the performance of the respective platform)

  • Support of events

  • Support of complete access to structures

  • Encrypted communication with an OPC UA Client

  • Support of multitasking

  • Support of OPC UA methods

  • Support of Alarms&Conditons

Supported profiles: Currently the OPC UA server supports the “Micro Embedded Device Server Profile”. This server profile allows reading, writing, and subscribing of items.

Supported information models: OPC UA allows defining different data types. The combination of customer defined data types, object types and reference types allows defining your own information model. An information model describes how the data should be exposed to the address space.

  • PLCopen information model

  • User-defined information models (companion specifications)

Also see [CODESYS Online Help](


  • signed and encrypted communication

  • User management


  • None

  • Basic256Sha256 (Sign, Sign_and_Encrypt)

  • Aes128_Sha256_RsaOaep

  • Aes256_Sha256_RsaPss

User token policy:

  • Anonymouse

  • Username


Programming System

CODESYS Development System V3.5.17.0 or higher

Runtime System

CODESYS Control V3.5.17.0 or higher

Supported Platforms/ Devices

CODESYS SoftPLC systems

Note: Use the tool “Device Reader” to find out the supported features of your device (free of charge component of CODESYS Development System).

Additional Requirements

TCP/IP stack Real-time watch




Single Device License: The license can be used on the target device/PLC on which the CODESYS Runtime System is installed.

Licenses are activated on a software-based license container (soft container), which is permanently connected to the controller. Alternatively the license can be stored on a CODESYS Key (USB-Dongle). By replugging the CODESYS Key, the license can be used on any other controller.

Note: In demo mode, the software runs for two hours without a license. After that, a manual restart is required.

Required Accessories

Optional: CODESYS Key


No Support

Technical support is not included with this product. To obtain technical support, please purchase a CODESYS Support Ticket.


For general error messages or pre-sales inquiries, please use the "My Question" contact form directly, which can also be used without logging in. A list of alternative support resources can be found in the support section of the CODESYS Group website.


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