CODESYS Git enables the integrated use of the distributed version control system Git™ for all application objects.

CODESYS Git is part of the tool bundle CODESYS Professional Developer Edition.

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CODESYS Git seamlessly integrates the use of the distributed version control system Git™ into the CODESYS development environment. The functionality of Git is directly available in CODESYS. A local Git installation is not required.

Git™ is a software for distributed version control. Version control is a class of systems responsible for managing changes to documents, programs, and other information stored in files. It involves logging changes to one or a series of files over time so that a specific version can be reverted to later. In software development, version control systems are also used where a team of developers work together on the managed files.

The main tasks of a version control system are:

  • Logging of changes: It can be traced at any time who made which changes and when.

  • Restoring old statuses of individual files: Accidental changes can be undone at any time.

  • Archiving the individual statuses of a project: All versions can be accessed at any time.

  • Coordination of shared access to files by several developers

  • Simultaneous development of several development branches of a project

Distributed version control does not use a central repository. Each developer working on the managed project has their own repository and can synchronize it with any other repository. Version history is also distributed. Changes can be tracked locally without having to connect to a server.

Further information on Git can be found at

The project storage used by CODESYS is not suitable for use in a version control system. Therefore a special project storage was developed for CODESYS Git. The use of a text format (JSON) ensures the readability of the content of the stored files. In addition, there is a clear allocation between a CODESYS object within the CODESYS project and the storage location of the object’s data within the CODESYS Git project storage.

Since CODESYS Git optimally supports ensuring the consistency of CODESYS projects as well as the correct handling of dependencies between CODESYS objects, editing of the stored files outside CODESYS Git should be avoided. This applies in particular to typical Git workflows such as branching and merging.

CODESYS Git supports the use of Git hosting services such as GitHub and GitLab for storing Git repositories. Due to the special CODESYS Git project storage, editing the data using the tools offered by some Git hosting services is only possible to a very limited extent.


Programming System

CODESYS Development System V3.5.19.30 or higher

Runtime System


Supported Platforms/ Devices


Additional Requirements

Subscription of the CODESYS Professional Developer Edition

In order to enable collaboration in Git, it is recommended to use a Git server.

For information on how to work with Git or how to install the required software, please refer to the IT specialist in your company.




see CODESYS Professional Developer Edition

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Optional: CODESYS Key

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Technical support is not included with this product. To obtain technical support, please purchase a CODESYS Support Ticket.


For general error messages or pre-sales inquiries, please use the "My Question" contact form directly, which can also be used without logging in. A list of alternative support resources can be found in the support section of the CODESYS Group website.


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Version History

Version Release note Release date

Required CODESYS version

CODESYS V3.5 SP19 Patch 3


GIT-129: Implement script driver for CODESYS Git GIT-492: Take care of the “init.defaultBranch” Git setting as the name of the Git default branch GIT-753: Update to most recent version libgit2sharp v0.27.2 (including libgit2 v1.6.4) GIT-944: In case of failed probing, give the user the opportunity to change the saved credentials GIT-980: Adding the user name and user email to the dialog of the “Git Merge Branch” and “Git Pull” commands

Bug fixes

GIT-818: Change remote name leads to an unhandled exception GIT-824: It is not possible to navigate to the source code in a dependent library while the project is under Git version control GIT-841: Missing option to cancel the “Choose Git Repository Location” dialog GIT-862: Connection to a Git repository gets losts when creating a project archive without Git GIT-889: “Git Fetch” command does not load all tags GIT-900: Project marked as dirty that is not managed by Git loses the marker when the creation of a project archive is canceled GIT-918: NullReferenceException occurs when switching to the Git Status and Staging view after merging a branch GIT-943: Merge fails because of duplicate object / ObjectGuids in the working tree GIT-947: Project security settings are not saved in Git


Required CODESYS version

CODESYS V3.5 SP19 Patch 3


  • GIT-877: Created the possibility for device manufacturers which use their own licensing mechanisms for the engineering environment to integrate the CODESYS Professional Developer Edition into their systems. The following packages are required for proper functionality. If not using CODESYS Installer the user must install them manually.
    • CODESYS License Provider (ID “CODESYS.LicenseProvider”) or OEM equivalent

    • CODESYS License Provider Enabler (ID “CODESYS.LicenseProviderEnabler”)

    • CODESYS Licensing Support (ID “CODESYS.Licensing.Support”)

  • GIT-710: Enable deleting remote branches (git push –delete)

Bug fixes



Required CODESYS version

CODESYS Development System V3.5.18.20 or higher


  • GIT-318: Added option “amend” to “Git Commit” commands.

  • GIT-435: Support Git Detached HEAD.

  • GIT-438: Improvements of the credential management.

  • GIT-445: Implemented resolution of CODESYS relationship conflicts while merging.

  • GIT-482: Show information about the CODESYS Git license in the message view.

  • GIT-500: Upstream commands are disabled if there is no remote repository added.

  • GIT-528: Give the user feedback about the status of the update of the Git Status & Staging view.

  • GIT-530: Improvements of the reliability and performance of the resynchronisation of the CODESYS project.

  • GIT-543: Improvements of the usability and functiality of “Git Merge” and “Git Pull”.

  • GIT-551: Improvements of the usability and functiality of “Git Diff”.

  • GIT-560: In the Git History view a branch can be created from a selected commit.

  • GIT-579: Prevent using the directory (or a subdirectory) of the Git repository as location of the CODESYS project.

  • GIT-580: Added option “Prune” to the “Git Fetch” command to remove remote branches which do no longer exist in the remote Git repository.

  • GIT-599: Warn user about the lack of encryption in the local and remote Git repository.

  • GIT-602: Added command “Recover project from Repository” to create a CODESYS project from a local Git repository.

  • GIT-646: Improvements of the handling of the Git repository in the CODESYS project archive.

  • GIT-717: In the Git branches view the number of commits a tracking branch differs from the tracked remote branch is shown.

  • GIT-718: Added the “Git Synchronize” command as a customizeable command.

  • GIT-720: Improvements of the merging of hierachical (parent- and/or child-) conflicts.

  • GIT-755: Added options to the “Git Checkout” command in the Git branches view.

Bug fixes

  • GIT-455: Fixed crash when opening the Git status & staging view with a very large project in the index.

  • GIT-491: A symbol is drawn for an object of unknown type in the Git history view.

  • GIT-516: Fixed exception thrown when moving the Git repository to a non existent drive or driveletter.

  • GIT-585: Fixed Git history graph showing wrong information for branches which are created from a commit.

  • GIT-612: Fixed showing the wrong number of local branches in the Git branches view.

  • GIT-657: Inform the user, if a subtree is ingnored while resynchronising the project from the Git repository.

  • GIT-670: Fixed exception occured while cloning a Git repository.

  • GIT-697: Fixed problem when aborting a merge if there are no changes shown in the Git status & staging view.

  • GIT-715: Fixed opening wrong views after resynchronizing a project.

  • GIT-749: Fixed problem with Git history performance.

  • GIT-750: Fixed “Discard all changes” not removing untracked objects.

  • GIT-823: Fixed crash and compatibility issue with CODESYS UML and CODESYS SVN.


Required CODESYS version

CODESYS Development System V3.5.17.0 or higher


  • GIT-429: Remove icon status column in the Status & Staging view.

  • GIT-518: Allow fast forward and merge without commit in the Git Pull command.

  • GIT-540: Remove Git SetUpstreamTo command from the Git remotes view.

Bug fixes

  • GIT-476: Copy and checkout branch sporadically can prevent project from beeing manipulated via right-click.

  • GIT-479: Checkout fails when Alarm Configuration is inserted.

  • GIT-496: Extracting a project archive with foreign files deletes the foreign files.

  • GIT-524: Updating standard Device to CODESYS SoftMotion is not handled correctly.

  • GIT-529: Checking server certificates. (Security fix 2021-18)

  • GIT-575: Fixed problems when adding the Git repository to the project archive.

  • GIT-576: Fixed possibe data loss when cloning a project containig large objects.

  • GIT-586: Fixed cloning libraries.

  • GIT-591: Fixed unhandled exception in the Git history view.

  • GIT-592: Fixed serialization of transient objects.

  • GIT-596: Fixed unhandled exception whilecomparing objects during merge.

Includes the following Security fixes: 2021-18

- 02.07.2021