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The STweep formatter for CODESYS subscription is a source code formatter for Structured Text. With STweep you can enforce a consisting code style based on your preferences! A 30 day demo version is available (please see in the footer).

"STweep is a must have tool for developers and companies who want to speed up development."

Product Description

The STweep formatter for CODESYS is a source code formatter for Structured Text.


Main functionalities:

  • Configurable code style
  • Line breaking of long lines 
  • Aligning of similar code in columns (e.g. variable declarations and assignments). 
  • Aligning of function call arguments in columns 
  • Configurable indentation style 
  • Set desired number of blank lines.



STweep for Codesys also supports ABB automation Builder and e!Cockpit. See system requirements for the details.


More info at:



Programming System

 * CODESYS Development System V3.5.13.0 or higher

 * ABB Automation Builder 2.3 or higher

 * e!Cockpit or higher

Runtime System


Supported Platforms/ Devices

Notice: Use the project ‘Device Reader’ to find out the supported features of your device. ‘Device Reader’ is available for free in the CODESYS Store.

Additional Requirements





License activation optional on CODESYS Key or CODESYS Soft Key (part of CODESYS Development System)

Required accessories



Gerhard Barteling

This product includes technical support from the original software provider.

To submit your pre-sales request, please use our contact form and include your order number and a short description.


Gerhard Barteling

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Version History

Version Release Notes Release date


  • Option to place STRUCT keyword on a new line.
  • Option to indent else case in a case statement.
  • Option to add blank lines at the end of a code file.
  • Separate setting for Spaces around argument assignment.
  • "Documentation" command in menu bar.
  • "Report a bug or submit feedback" command in menu bar.



  • Minor UI changes.
  • Updated/improved German translations.
  • Improved STweep menu structure.
  • STweep setting file format for improved handling
  • Improved code readability when wrapping functionblock declarations with EXTEND and IMPLEMENT.
  • Improved code readability when wrapping array initializer.
  • Improved code readability when wrapping struct initializer.



  • Incorrect formatting of function block initializers without arguments : VAR A : B(); END_VAR
  • Depending on the settings: if the first element in a file was a comment, the number of blank lines between file-start and the comment where not properly set.
  • Depending on the settings: if last element in a file was a comment the number of blank lines between file-end and the comment where not properly set.
  • Incorrect formatting of a statement similar to: 'THIS^.a REF= var;'
  • Depending on the settings: incorrect blank line inserted when multi line comment exceeded the line length limit.
  • Incorrect formatting of pointer to array declaration: "A:POINTER TO ARRAY[0..1] OF BOOL;".
  • Setting "Keep existing blank lines" was not respected at the end of a file.
  • Setting "Keep existing line breaks" was not respected at the end of a file.
  • Number of blank lines at start of file was not correctly set if first element is a comment.


  • Support for inline/local enum declaration. For example VAR A : (A,B,C); END_VAR


  • A setting row is now selected when the containing setting is changed, this to show the preview.


  • Incorrect formatting of function block initializer. fb : fb(arg1,arg2) could lead to a missing parentheses after formatting.
  • Incorrect maintaining of blank lines between statements if there was a comment between the statements.
  • Possible exception when code to format has parsing errors (missing semicolon).
  • Possible exception when aligning long lines in columns.
  • Incorrect indentation of symbolic constants when used as case label.
  • No solution found bug when "Maximum invocation parameters on single line" was set to one and one not last argument had a end of line comment. For example: A(A,//Comment B);
  • Possible bug when "Maximum invocation parameters on single line" was set to "1", this could cause an exception.
  • Exception while formatting a reference declaration with an assignment. For example A : REFERENCE TO BOOL := A.A;


  • Loading STweep formatting settings with an higher minor version is now allowed.
  • Improved handling for line length overflows in declaration code.


  • Unable to format interfaces and methods declared in an interface.
  • Incorrect license display.
  • Incorrect blank space by first statement in a statement list, if there was a preceding comment.
  • Bug where CODESYS sometimes gave an error message, because the abort request was checked from a non UI thread.
  • Incorrect functioning of the formatting time out check.
  • UI was not properly blocked while running the formatting task.


  • Support for line break after TYPE keyword.
  • Support for Import and export of settings.
  • Enhanced error message in case of any formatting exceptions.
  • Caret position is restored after formatting.
  • Optional indentation of derived data types in a 'TYPE' declaration.
  • Support for string size initialization with "(" and ")" for example A:STRING(20);




  • Possible licensing bug when licensed in softcontainer.


  • Support for chained method calls e.g.: 'A().B().C();'
  • Support for method and function calls which return a pointer. This can result in method calls like: 'A()^();'


  • Potential installation problem for Codesys SP15 and lower.


  • Support for ABB Automation Builder 2.3 and higher.
  • Support for e!Cockpit and higher.


  • Improved labels for blank line settings.

  • Improved label for blank lines around declarations category.


  • Previews in settings screen.


  • Support for German.


  • Minor UI improvements.


  • Licensing bug


  • Missing PInvoke package on installation.
  • Incorrect capital use on manifest file extension.
  • Incorrect capital use on package file extension

Initial Release



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