Below you will find a short step-by-step guide on how to perform an application-based licence upgrade


  1. The CODESYS License Manager (look: helps you to check the performance class of the currently installed licences. You will need this information, for example, if you have purchased a license that is too small for your application and need to upgrade it to the next performance class.
  2. In the CODESYS Store, select the performance class to which you want to upgrade. For the Control SL licences there are separate products, for OPC UA, Visualization and SoftMotion you can navigate directly to the respective product with the desired performance class.
  3. In the selected performance class, you must enter the licence already installed as determined in step 1 under "Choose the product you already have". As we will only charge you the difference between the old and new performance class, your shopping cart will be reduced accordingly.
  4. After ordering, you will receive an e-mail confirmation containing a new licence ticket.Please note that for now it is mandatory to activate the license via our Webdepot at If this is not possible for you, please contact our support. Activating the upgrade license completely updates your license, meaning that only the new, upgraded license remains on your device after activation.
  5. The controller is then ready for use with the new performance class.