CODESYS TargetVisu for Linux SL

CODESYS TargetVisu for Linux SL allows the functional extension of Linux-based devices in order to display graphical user interfaces directly on the control panel of the controller.

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Product Description

With CODESYS TargetVisu for Linux SL, you can use almost any Linux-based device with an integrated or connected display to show and operate the predefined visualization of a CODESYS application. The deployment of the TargetVisu runtime system and the development of the user interfaces of the visualization are carried out together with the configuration of the IEC 61131-3 application directly in the CODESYS Development System.



CODESYS Development System V3.5.20.10 or higher


CODESYS TargetVisu for Linux SL V4.12.0.0 or higher

Supported platforms

Debian Linux (debian package mechanism), CPU: x86_64, ARM, ARM64

Additional requirements

QT6 with graphical user interface installed SSH server Linuxuser with GUI session installed glibc >= 2.36 (Debian 12)




Single device license: The license can be used on the target device/PLC on which the CODESYS runtime system is installed.

Licenses are activated on a software-based license container (soft container), which is permanently connected to the controller. Alternatively, the license can be stored on a CODESYS Key (USB dongle). By replugging the CODESYS Key, the license can be used on any other controller.

Hinweis: Licensing is done via application based licenses on the controller/PLC side.


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