CODESYS Automation Server

The CODESYS Automation Server is a cloud-based platform for managing controller tasks. Log in with your CODESYS Store account to set up your access to the CODESYS Automation Server here.

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Use cases

The CODESYS Automation Server covers two main use cases:

PLC management

The PLC Management features are designed for machine and plant operation on site (e.g. in production). Different views provide an overview of the status of all controls. Applications can be rolled out and parameterized by means of mass operations. The CODESYS Automation Server offers important tools such as the integrated ticket system for commissioning and maintenance.


The engineering features of the CODESYS Automation Server are aimed in particular at developers and application engineers. Thus, projects can be synchronized with the CODESYS Automation Server via an add-on of the CODESYS Development System and thus enable cooperative work on projects.

Reference projects

  • Inasoft GmbH „The CODESYS Automation Server simplifies the development, maintenance, and management of control applications considerably. Our customers benefit from reduced costs and a skyrocketing competitive edge!” (Roger Kunz, Chief Executive Officer, Inasoft GmbH)

  • Fliegl GmbH „It takes me less than 4 minutes to update multiple controllers – ingenious!” (Franz Höpfinger, Application Engineer, Fliegl GmbH)

  • Packsize Technologies AB „The Automation Server allows us to manage our fleet of machines worldwide in a simple and cost effective way.“ (Jochen Wendebaum, Head of Control System Engineering, Packsize GmbH)



The CODESYS Edge Gateway enables communication with one or more controllers. It can be installed on dedicated hardware or directly on a controller. The CODESYS Edge Gateway encapsulates the control world externally and ensures secure communication via TLS connection to the CODESYS Automation Server.


An access is required in order to use the CODESYS Automation Server. Accesses are created and managed via the CODESYS Store. The result of creating an access is administrator access to the CODESYS Automation Server, which is used for central administration of all data and user rules within the CODESYS Automation Server. An access can also be terminated via the CODESYS Store and can be done monthly. Upon termination, all stored data within the access on the CODESYS Automation Server will be permanently deleted.

PLC management

PLC management enables the management of control tasks during the entire life cycle of a controller (application development, commissioning, operation, maintenance). The “PLC Management” product option is available for all controllers registered in the CODESYS Automation Server. For these, a digital twin is created in the cloud to correctly assign orders and messages (status, alarms, etc.). Available functions:

Views of the controller landscape

  • List view

In addition, information is displayed on the status, boot application, and application parameters.

Controller-specific functions

  • Roll-out of applications on many controllers

  • Linking applications to controllers

  • Parameterization of generic applications

  • Backup/Restore of the application software

  • Application exchange

  • Display of the web visualization

Ticket system

The ticket system optimizes the workflow between application engineer and service technician in four steps:

  1. The application engineer creates a valid order (ticket) in the CODESYS Automation Server to roll out a specific application on a specific device.

  2. dispatch of the ticket via the CODESYS Automation Server (e.g. by e-mail).

  3. installation of a new device or replacement of a defective one by a service technician on site.

  4. redemption of the ticket (e.g. scanning of the serial number) by the service technician on the device.

No programming knowledge is required for the exchange. The mechanism decouples application development and machine service in terms of time, space and function, thus reducing the risk of operating errors.


CODESYS Automation Server connector

The CODESYS Automation Server Connector is an Add-on for the CODESYS Development System that enables the synchronization of projects on the CODESYS Automation Server. Simple merge mechanisms allow several application engineers to work together on a project and secure the last work status in a revision-proof manner.

First steps can be found in the Online Help.

Further information on the features of the CODESYS Automation Server can be found at

Scope of services

Basic access to the CODESYS Automation Server is free of charge. Your access will be extended automatically as long as you want to use it. You can cancel at any time. There is no complicated contract, no termination fees and no obligations. You can cancel online at any time around the clock. Included in the basic access are the follwoing services:

PLC Management

2 PLCs

Cloud storage

100 GB


100 GB per month

Data Analyzer

EVAL Project

(10 data points)

(10 record per hour)


1 Support-Ticket

More Information
Price Free No
Programming System CODESYS Development System Version or higher
Runtime System CODESYS Control V3
Supported Platforms/ Devices

Cloud Service Provider

  • Amazon Web Services

Browser 1

  • Firefox (from 60.5.2esr)
  • Chrome (from 73.0.3683.103)
  • Microsoft Edge (from 44.17763.1.0)
  • Chromium (from 73.0.3683.86)

Additional Requirements
  • CODESYS Edge Gateway
  • CODESYS Connector

Restrictions -
Licensing -
Required Accessories -

1 These are the oldest versions we work and test with. It is possible that older versions of these browsers or alternative browsers that are not in this list are supported.

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