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The CODESYS Edge Gateway is an extended CODESYS Gateway connecting the CODESYS Automation Server to CODESYS PLCs in a local network. The package is available as a windows and a linux version.

Product Description

The CODESYS Edge Gateway allows the CODESYS Automation Server and all clients that establish a connection via the Automation Server (CODESYS, Webvisu/Browser) full access to all services provided by the runtime system via communication interfaces. It can be operated on a controller or on a stand-alone device in the local network.


Programming System

CODESYS Development System Version or higher (Only required for the configuration of the gateway)

Runtime System


Supported Platforms/ Devices

  • Windows 8 / 10 (32/64 Bit), suitable PC hardware for the corresponding Windows platform

  • Debian- or Ubuntu-based Linux (32/64 Bit) CPU: x86, ARMv7

The versions maintained by Microsoft are supported.

Additional Requirements

  • Access to a CODESYS Automation Server

  • Installation of CODESYS Automation Server Connector plug-in


  • Currently only CODESYS V3 PLCs are supported



Required Accessories



Technical support is not included with this product.

To get technical support please purchase a Support ticket.

A list of alternative support resources can be found at the support section of the CODESYS Group web page.


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Version Windows Linux Release Notes
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Improved performance and stabilization of connection to CODESYS Automation Server.

Includes the following Security fixes: 2019-08, 2020-02


Quality update with minor improvements and bug fixes.

Includes the following Security fixes: 2020-02


Quality update with minor improvements and bug fixes.


Quality update with minor improvements and bug fixes.



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